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Magic and stubborn Jinn

I have been to a few Raaqis and they have tried to help me but to no avail and they have said it is due to strong magic or stubborn Jinn?

We believe the fact that you have not been cured is not due to the strength of the Jinn or Magic but rather the weakness of the Raaqi, either in terms of his knowledge or technique in treating you. There is nothing more powerful than the verses of Allah but we must know how to use and apply them in removing the Jinn or Magic. Not every Raaqi will be able to extract or deal with every type of Jinn or Magic and we would advise the Raaqi who fail to cure a person to stop using these terms, as they make a person feel weaker in their illness and denote strength for the disbelieving shayateen Jinn. And we know Allah says: "verily the plot of shaytaan is weak" but rather it would be more appropriate for the Raaqi to acknowledge their own limitations and refer you to someone who may have more knowledge and experience than them.

Source http://hijamaclinic.net