1) If a returning client for treatment fails to keep their appointment, Ruqyah Clinical Therapy reserves the right to refuse treatment.

2) If further treatment is then scheduled a charge will ensue.

3) We offer our services nationally and worldwide, to all age and gender, minors (must be accompanied by an adult) and adults.

4) Home or office visits will be considered, though I recommend that where possible you visit me. If you are considering this option please think about where the therapy will take place; are there likely to be any interruptions, will you be able to feel comfortable and relaxed? With home or office visits, if the session fails to take place or be completed, for any reason, the full fee will still be due. There are additional charges for home or office visits and they start from £10 but will vary depending on location and travel expense will be added out of office service.

5) Payment will be made in cash or via on-line banking. Some private medical insurance payment plans may cover therapy services; however, payment must be made directly by you to me, either prior to or immediately after the session.

6) Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend a session, please contact the office as soon as possible, so the time can be re-allocated to another client. We will be happy to rearrange another convenient appointment for you. A charge of £35 may be made for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

7) All charges are excluded of traveling and staying over expenses. All expenses need to be paid in advance.

Service Name - per person per session

 Official Time Fee between 8pm to 11pm

Unofficial Times before 9am and after 3pm

Initial consultation







Discount available

Discount available

Outside Office Visit (eg Home Visit) extra cost

Starts from £20

Starts from £30

One session stop smoking intensive therapy



Hijama (Wet Cupping) and Dry Cupping



Hypno Gastric Band of 5 Session



Ruqyah Treatment

Starts from £50

Starts from £50

Other Service, please call or email for a quote

£ Please email or call

£ Please email or call

Suicidal Thought or Attempt Counselling/Therapy



Package  A:  Hypnotherapy

£50 to £100

£50 to £100

Package B Ah-Sharia' Ruqyah

£50 to £100

£50 to £100

Package C Treatment Single Session (Traditional Medicine)

£50 to £100

£50 to £100

Package D RIFE

£30 to £100

£30 to £100


Average number of sessions (Results may vary)

Stop smoking


Weight loss


Fears and phobias


Confidence building


Stress and anxiety




Ruqyah Certified

Health Tips


Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

History of Hypnotherapy

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