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Charging for Ruqyah

From the hadith relating that a companion of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) performed Ruqyah and was paid for it many people justify being paid for Ruqyah, whilst this is acceptable it is also important to note from the same hadith that the chief of the Arab tribe was healed first. And only then did he pay the companion however we find many people charging each time they see a patient whether they are cured or not. For those who propose charging for each session regardless of a cure we say this creates a conflict of interest one could well ask are they really interested in the cure of the patient because if they cured the patient first time their income is reduced why cure someone the first time when they could charge them for 3 times or more! Others drag out charging a person for their time and effort for recited water or herbs etc. We advise its best to agree to a charge beforehand and if a person is cured then payment is due if they are not then no payment should be due, as we doubt very much the desert chief would have paid anything if he was not cured. If, however a person feels a genuine effort was made by the Raaqi then they can donate whatever is easy for them.

Source http://hijamaclinic.net