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Package B: As-Sharia’ Ruqyah and Paranormal Investigating from £50 per person & per session

The Ruqyah Package: The Ruqyah Package deals with Magic, Jinn and Evil Eye treatments without Taweez. By using electronic equipments.

Information about Jinn and Magic

There is a difference between psychological and mystical problems. The latter one is usually due to Black Magic, Jinn possession or Evil Eye. Most psychologists reject the existence of mystical problems even though they could not solve the patient’s problem; this is because psychology does not believe in the existence of Jinns or Black Magic.

However, we as Muslim have to believe in the existence of Jinn and Black Magic (Sihr), because Allah has talked about Jinns in the Quran, also, our Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) was affected by Sihr (Black Magic) as a result of which Allah sent the last two Surahs of Quran.

If you have the feeling that you have been influenced by black magic, but not sure about it, then please contact me for a professional discussion and advice.

Some patients suffer from serious psychological problems, but that does not exclude the possibility of being affected by Black Magic.

Sometimes the psychological problem is greater than the problem of Black Magic or Jinn possession or and it also happens that the Psychological problem prevents the patient to be cured of the Black Magic and the Jinns because the patients are extremely affected psychologically, and it gives some strength to the Jinns and to the Witchcraft to dominate the patient.

So, it is necessary to treat the patient at the same time for the Psychological problems and for the Mystic problems. And normally happens due to the presence of the jinn in the human body and in this case the brain the jinn often leave a damage and after the Jinns are removed patients are advised to seek medical treatment.

Symptoms: If you have any of the below symptoms and have been to see the doctor who has no explanation except stress or a fancy name, then you are very likely affected with either Black Magic, Jinn or Evil Eye.

3 reasons why the jinn enters the body

The Reality  of jinn Possession

The Unseen World

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